Marriage Counseling Denver

Communication gaps, anger, stress, intimacy, and even illness can create serious problems in a marriage or relationship. To manage the stress or conflicts in this situation, it is best to turn to a therapist focusing on Marriage Counseling Denver. This is the best way to rebuild your relationship or and build to a better future. Marriage counseling can help you to appreciate your relationship and understand perspectives a little better. The final solution is always up to you, but our team of experts knows the types of problems to discuss and typical solutions that may arise with certain problems

Growing apart can take many forms. Some couples find themselves continually arguing and are never able to relax and enjoy one another the way they once could. Other couples never fight, and yet the communication between them has slowed to a trickle or even stopped altogether. It’s a heartbreaking thing to go through, especially with a person you love.

Moreover, the truth is that your love for your spouse has not disappeared! It’s still there, in both of your hearts. Maybe that’s what hurts most of all—your heart still calls out for your loved one, but you can’t find a way to reach them.

With Marriage Counseling Denver residents can overcome this painful situation and return their union to a state of harmony.

Specialized Couples Counseling

Marriage counseling acts just like a tool that helps couples to communicate in a better way, eliminate their differences, and solve their problems in a healthy manner. Marriage Counseling Denver allows couples to increase their understanding of each other and resolve the conflicts that have potential to destroy their relationship.

Most marriages and relationships are not perfect due to differences in ideas, opinions, and beliefs, which only result in the connection being strained. At Colorado Counseling Center, all of our therapists are specialized to provide Marriage Counseling Denver. It helps people to strengthen their bonds of love, trust, responsiveness, and safe connection. We take great pride in opening the lines of communication and helping you learn to talk to each other, share, and get emotionally intimate again.  

Sometimes you feel just like a roommate or a stranger more than a beloved partner. This is when we typically examine the relationship overall.  You deserve to feel the love your partner has for you, and they deserve to feel your love. Sometimes life gets complicated, and we forget how to express those feelings to each other. Sometimes the dynamic of a relationship becomes stale. If this describes you, there’s no better investment than seeking the support your relationship needs to truly thrive. The therapists at Colorado Counseling Center specialize in helping couples restore love, trust, and true partnership and have been at the core of many marriage and relationship resolutions.


“How do we save our marriage?”

marriage counseling denver coupleBy asking this question, you’re taking an important first step. Acknowledging that your marriage is in a vulnerable place can help you and your spouse prepare to make the changes that are needed for you to move forward in love. Furthermore, the fact that you are asking together is an overwhelmingly positive sign. Couples who are prepared to put in the work on their relationships together are much more likely to succeed.

The next step is to find excellent support from a qualified marriage counselor. With the help of marriage counseling Denver residents can see tremendous improvement in their relationships. Many couples even find their union becoming stronger than it has ever been. Because your relationship matters so deeply, you can feel painfully disconnected and unhappy. These deep feelings of hurt can easily “hijack” your efforts to improve your marriage. Instead of moving forward, you get stuck in cycles of anger, blame, silence, and self-protection. Our counselors can help you find safety by getting unstuck from these cycles. They will help you express your needs, hopes, and fears in a way that brings you together instead of pushing you apart.

Restoring Trust through Marriage Counseling

Trust can be damaged in many ways within a long-term committed relationship like marriage. Sometimes the damage comes through distinct violations of trust such as affairs, addictions, or abuse. Other times trust gradually erodes as couples stop turning to each other. Negative patterns of sarcasm, criticism, blame, and defensiveness creep into your marriage. When distrust replaces confidence and safety, you find yourself cut off from the happy togetherness that you long for.

That’s where our team of counselors comes in. Our primary goal is to help you and your partner learn to trust and love each other again. This foundation of faith in one another that allows you to move forward with strength and confidence.

Our approach to marriage counseling Denver residents is called (Emotionally Focused Therapy / EFT, and its goal is to help you address foundational issues of trust and safety in your relationship. Emotionally Focused Therapy encourages you and your partner to ask vital questions of each other. It helps you reassure each other that you will always be there in support of each other. This works in several important ways:

  • We guide you to identify and address any issues/behaviors that prevent the possibility for trust and safety to be rebuilt. Once this happens, you can see your options more clearly and take steps toward correcting those issues.
  • We help you create a basic sense of safety so that you can begin to “cleanse the emotional wounds” caused by violations of love and trust.
  • We assist you in learning how to genuinely acknowledge the wounds that have found their way into your marriage. This will help you come together in a way that offers hope, dignity, and togetherness for both of you. Genuinely accepting the way your partner is feeling helps you successfully move forward as a couple.
  • We help restore safety in your relationship, allowing past hurts to become just a memory. Love and trust can define your healed relationship.

Marriage Counseling Can Help Restore Passion

Early on in your relationship, passion came easily—the air between you felt electric with desire, anticipation, and excitement. It’s common for this early rush of excitement to fade a bit after the first part of a relationship, however. Maybe you’ve fallen into a routine, one that involves household duties such as chores, paying the bills, and all kinds of things that don’t exactly ignite sparks of passion between two people.

When this happens, it can be a major contributing factor to the establishment of distance between you. After the initial flames of attraction have subsided, you may ask, “Can we reclaim a lasting passion?”

marriage counseling denver centennial couple passion

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! As you learn how to connect and begin to create deeper and more emotionally responsive emotional bonds with your partner, desire, passion, and freedom will often return to your lovemaking. In contrast with sex that is over-focused on novelty and the physical act, emotional connection and synchrony has the potential to bring both physical pleasure and deep emotional satisfaction to your sex life. In our experience, the more couples connect emotionally, the more cherished, playful, and fulfilled they feel when they are intimate. It’s a win-win situation!

Stop Fighting & Start Loving with Marriage Counseling

Every couple has their “difficult issues”—the topics that inevitably lead them to a “stuck” place. For some couples the topic is parenting; for others it is money, work, sex, or relationships with in-laws. You likely already know what issues pose a problem for you and your spouse. With Emotionally Focused Therapy, we’ll help you address these issues as a team instead of as rivals. You’ll develop the skills to escape hurtful patterns so you can understand one another, get to the heart of the matter, and move forward together.

If you would like help saving your marriage, restoring safety and trust to your relationship, rekindling your fire and bringing the passion back, or discovering how to break patterns that keep you stuck and disconnected, email us or call us today at 720-468-0101 for a no obligation, 15-minute phone consultation.