Updated Fees Notice

This form is to inform you of upcoming changes in the fees at Colorado Counseling Center. As an existing client, beginning on June 1st, 2018, your standard session fee will be as listed below:

Clients of Joshua Downs, Kevin Hales, Lisa Rosen, Jessica Downs, & Marion Goodwin: $140 per 55-minute session (prorated at $25 for each additional 10 minutes).

Clients of Paul Sigafus: $165 per 55-minute session (prorated at $30 for each additional 10 minutes).

Please list any alternative payment agreement details here: $ per 55-minute session, prorated at $ for each additional 10 minutes. 
Additional Notes:  

Annual Fee Changes: Colorado Counseling Center adjusts its fees on an annual basis, beginning January 1st of each year.

Additional Credentialing: If your counselor earns additional certifications/licenses, their fee may also change from time to time to reflect that additional credentialing.

Future Notices: If you are still attending therapy in our practice at the turn of a year or when your counselor earns other credentials, you will be notified of any applicable changes by your therapist in session or by email. Updates to our fees will also be listed on our website at coloradocounselingcenter.com/fees.

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