Teens in These Times

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Parenting teens is never easy. Parenting teens, during a particularly challenging time? Hard. Parenting teens during a Pandemic? Wait, what?  

By now, you’ve already started to address this new reality, and what it means for you and your family. Online school. Social distancing. You, with your teens, pretty much 24/7. 

My formal training as a attachment theory counselor, is helping me, as a parent of two teens, navigate the current circumstances. 

Case in point, as I’m attempting to work from home right now to write this, my 15-year-old daughter “couldn’t find” an item I purchased for her on Amazon. I know I put this item in a logical place for her to find. 

But, she’s a teen. She tried once, gave up, and circled back with me to tell me how I was wrong. I could feel my body tense up as she “attacked” me. Instead of blowing my top or leaving my work to “rescue” her, I waited until my logical brain came back online and said, “Why don’t you check the Amazon app and see when it was delivered?”. 

Well. The death-stare I got for that! You know, the look that basically says, “Mom, you’re an idiot, and you barely know what an app is?” stare? Yeah. That one. 

But, I hold my ground, still not budging from my newfound “office space” (the far right corner of my couch), and wait her out until she looks online. When she locates the item and sees I did INDEED order it, and IT IS in this house— I instruct her to go find it. And remind her that I am, due to current events, working from home now, and to please acknowledge and respect that. 
Sounds familiar, right?

Boundaries, healthy ones for you & your teens, are needed—so you can continue to work and provide for your family, and your teens, can embrace a new level of independence. 

It’s a growth mindset. And, in this unprecedented age, I’m personally embracing the opportunity to unwind some of the complications created previously by our modern life. 

If you find yourself with similar challenges, be it teens, young children or elderly parents, and are interested in learning more about adopting a growth mindset, please contact me. I’m here for you. 

Marion Goodwin

About Marion Goodwin

Marion Goodwin offers individual counseling, marriage counseling, and family therapy for adults and teens at Colorado Counseling Center. She specializes in helping people heal from trauma and PTSD, increase their self-esteem, and create more loving relationships.

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