Sarah Miller

“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.” — Dr. Sue Johnson

Sarah Miller © Kelly Weaver Photography

Sarah Miller specializes in counseling with couples, individuals, and families. Her focus is to help you feel more connected and secure in your most meaningful relationships.

Sarah holds degrees in Couples & Family Therapy and Psychology, and has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy—the best researched and most effective approach to helping couples heal their relationship.

As a mom and military spouse, Sarah understands how busy and overwhelming life can be. She offers afternoon and evening appointments to try and make therapy convenient and easy to fit into your busy life. Sarah’s clients find that her warm, down-to-earth demeanor creates a safe, judgement-free space for counseling.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling in Denver

Sarah’s Message to Couples
If you’re feeling stuck, detached, or distant in your relationship, you may believe there is no way to feel connected to your partner again. Maybe you keep having the same argument, or feel that important issues never get resolved. You don’t have to settle for this feeling of discouragement and disconnection! My passion is helping couples just like you rediscover a sense of partnership, love, and connection.

You’re here because you miss the way your relationship felt like in the beginning, when it seemed effortless. You want to reclaim the closeness you had, back before the exhaustion and discouragement set in. I can help you work through these difficult times so that you can connect in new and more meaningful ways. In our work together, it is my goal to help you create a more secure bond that moves your relationship in a positive direction.

For  those who may not be able to afford our full fees, I offer therapy at a discounted rate for a limited number of clients. I want the excellent help you need to be within reach—because your relationship is worth saving! Schedule your first appointment with me by clicking the button below! Let’s begin this journey together.

Addiction & Codependency

Seeing someone you love become trapped by addiction is incredibly difficult. During active addiction we don’t trust our own thoughts or feelings and struggle to know how to help. Sometimes you might feel you are losing yourself in the process. When our loved ones enter recovery we oftentimes have to relearn how to be in our relationships again. Navigating the ups and downs of recovery just adds another layer. We will work to heal the wounds addiction can wreck on a family and learn how to love each other again while fighting our common enemy—addiction.

How I Help

I believe in a collaborative approach to counseling. You are the expert on your own life and I will bring my own expertise to shape our work around your goals and needs. My hope is that our therapeutic relationship will create a safe, non-judgmental space to explore thoughts and feelings about the experiences and relationships in your life and for you to be able to share your story.

More About Me

Outside of loving the work I do, I am a mom and a military spouse. As a family we enjoy traveling, playing board games, and watching some binge-worthy TV shows. For self-care I enjoy taking our two dogs on walks or to the dog park and love to being in the kitchen— cooking or baking for my friends and family.

Other Counseling Specialties

Some of my other counseling specialties include:

Sarah sees clients at Colorado Counseling Center’s Denver Therapy offices.
To schedule with Sarah please call 720-468-0101 or schedule online.