Paul Sigafus

Paul Sigafus, MS, LMFT, Director

Paul Sigafus, LMFT, Director of Colorado Counseling Center, LLC, Certified EFT TherapistPaul combines warmth and empathy with great skill in addressing the complex challenges of life and relationships. He believes that relationships are the most powerful factor in promoting happiness, growth, and fulfillment, while also acknowledging that relationships can cause some of our most profound pain. Paul’s clients report feeling very safe and deeply understood as they work collaboratively with him to find hope, healing, and connection. He works with couples, individuals, and families.

Certified EFT TherapistPaul has degrees in both Human Development and Marriage & Family Therapy. In addition, he is a Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist, and supervises other therapists who are training in this highly effective approach to marriage counseling.

In his work with individuals, Paul uses his training in AEDP counseling; an approach that focuses on helping people tap into their natural (but sometimes undiscovered) qualities of resilience, strength, compassion, and authenticity.

Paul’s counseling specialties include:

As the director of Colorado Counseling Center, Paul shares the same devotion to growth and excellence with his employees as he does with his clients. His vision is to continue creating an environment where clients and therapists alike can reach their full potential, and where everyone grows stronger together.

In addition to his work at Colorado Counseling Center, Paul is the author of the inspirational blog

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Paul sees clients at Colorado Counseling Center’s Centennial office.
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