Marion Goodwin, LCSW

Marion Goodwin, LCSW

Marion Goodwin © Kelly Weaver Photography

Do you feel alone, unseen, and unheard? Do you want to heal from past events that hold you back from fully living? Marion believes that life’s greatest challenges are best healed in a safe environment where you’re empowered to both heal from the past and move forward in creating the life and relationships that you want. Marion specializes in helping people like you heal from wounds of aloneness and isolation, whether those wounds come from your present relationship or from earlier experiences in life.

Marion believes that emotional well being is paramount to a life well lived. Using an attachment based model, Marion helps both individuals and couples explore present challenges, identify strengths and areas of disconnect with the goal of fostering repair, recovery, and a deeply satisfying life.

As a life long New Yorker and recent newcomer to Colorado, Marion understands many of life’s greatest stressors through her own personal experience of being a wife, mother, daughter and sister.  She loves working with individual adults and couples, as well as working with teens and their parents.

Very few people hesitate to contact their physician when ill.  Why then, hesitate when the presenting issue is emotional and not physical?  You would not ignore a broken leg, why then a broken heart? Marion welcomes the opportunity to work with you toward your optimal health and happiness. In addition to offering day and evening appointments, Marion also sees clients on Saturdays.

In her work with individuals, Marion uses her training in AEDP counseling; an approach that focuses on helping people tap into their natural (but sometimes undiscovered) qualities of resilience, strength, compassion, and authenticity.

As an EMDR Trained Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Marion works with adults who suffer from trauma or the effects of disturbing life events. EMDR is a proven approach to treating trauma and anxiety disorders.

Schedule with Marion

Some of Marion’s counseling specialties include:

Marion sees clients at Colorado Counseling Center’s Denver office.
To schedule with Marion, please call 720-468-0101

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    Photo Credit for Individual Portrait: © Kelly Weaver Photography