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EMDR Counseling—for When You Feel Stuck

Stuck on Troubling Memories

Get unstuck from trauma and PTSD through EMDR Therapy

Sometimes pain from your past holds your present happiness hostage.

You want to move forward, but you feel stuck. Painful past experiences play over in your mind. Despite your best efforts, you can’t shake these thoughts. You’re tired of feeling so on edge. Even more, you wish you weren’t so easily triggered or hijacked by fear, shame, anxiety, or anger.

In addition to the personal toll of these difficult memories and emotions, they also strain your relationships. You want to trust others and yourself, but after what you’ve been through, it’s hard to let down your guard.

As a result of your experiences, you’ve had to learn how to cope. Maybe you try to avoid any situations that remind you of the past. To keep from getting hurt again, you might also try to control your environment or even the people around you. Yet, these ways of coping hurt you too. You feel shut-off from others. Above all, you don’t want your anxieties or fears to define your future.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR therapy is one of the most effective therapy approaches for the treatment of trauma. Through EMDR, our counselors can help you deal with past experiences and current emotions in a way that empowers you to get unstuck. Moreover, EMDR therapy can help you move forward with the emotional freedom, practical skills, and sense of confidence that you need to live more fully and joyfully.

Would EMDR Therapy be Helpful for My Situation?

Many people feel that something is holding them back in life, causing them to think, feel, and behave in ways that don’t serve them… Research has demonstrated that certain kinds of everyday life experiences can cause symptoms of PTSD.

– Francine Shapiro, the originator of EMDR

You may think that what you’ve experienced “isn’t bad enough” to deserve attention. Our culture teaches us, unhelpfully, that we should just be grateful and stop complaining. Yet, as helpful as gratitude can be, it rarely heals all of our hurts on its own.

Your pain is worthy of healing. Your well-being matters.

 So whether your pain comes from everyday life experiences or more specific traumatic events, EMDR can help. Here are some specific areas where EMDR can improve your life:

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Death, Loss, and Grieving
  • Humiliations and Rejections
  • PTSD from witnessing or experiencing a life-threatening event.
  • Sexual / Physical Abuse and Assault
  • Childhood Trauma (Abuse, Humiliations, Neglect, Rejections, Parental Fighting, etc.)
  • Racial Trauma and Minority Stress
  • Job Loss
  • Infidelity and/or Betrayal
  • Chronic Illness
  • Abuse from Authority Figures
  • Feelings of Low Self-Worth
  • Marital Problems. When one or both partners have experienced trauma (within the marriage or outside), EMDR can support the therapy process for couples.

EMDR Therapists in Denver & Centennial

At Colorado Counseling Center, Kelly BrutschErin Chelgren, and Mary Claire Ferachi offer EMDR Therapy.
In addition, several of our other counselors also offer AEDP therapy, another effective approach to treating trauma.

Kelly Brutsch, Counselor

Kelly Brutsch
Centennial & Denver

Erin Chelgren, Counselor

Erin Chelgren

Mary Claire Ferachi - Counselor

Mary Claire Ferachi
Centennial & Denver